16 May 2012

Structural Funds & Health Gains - 3 workshops - registration open

Entry free - expenses for travel and accommodation can be provided

A post for those of you working in the European Union - but of interest to all

EU Structural Funds (SF) represent almost € 50 billion a year to support the development of poorer regions across Europe. This investment source is made available to improve the infrastructure and socio-economic profile of a region. There are opportunities to use these funds innovatively and to tackle inequalities, target pockets of poverty and assist vulnerable groups. The key challenge is how to make the most of these funding opportunities, ensuring that each Euro contributes towards better health and wellbeing.

A site is being developed that presents a range of resources (case studies, causal pathways etc) to assist this process.

There are three workshops in June. Entry is free and there is assitance with travel and expenses

Register now for the workshops on Structural Funds & Health Gains  

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