29 May 2012

Bertilia Valadas, APAI Keynote

Old country, 900 years of history.

Culture, tradition, history

Hope you get a chance to do some activities that help you get to know us better.

We are a sad people but very kind, we like to host such activities and it's an honour to host IAIA.

APAI, is an affiliate of IAIA since 2003 or so.

Only NGO in Portugal focused on IA.

Small but very proactive group.

Economy is meant to be the most important thing but...

It is therefore our responsibility as part of civil society to underline the importance of the environment and sustainability.

We are very committed to these values.

IA has a lot of potential to help our societies and the way we want to move to a better world.

Events like this are very good for all of us to do this.

Hope you enjoy the conference. Thank you very much for coming.


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