30 May 2012

Health and safety issues in environmental and social IA - Session I Presentation 4

Health and safety system development and implementation

A case study in Lesotho - undertaking major water and sanitation projects as well as refurbishing health centres and hospitals throughout the country.

H&S requirements:

  • Pre-construction phase - undertook a risk assessment on which projects most risky from an occupational health perspective, requirement to consider H&S by IFBs, contractors asked to provide H&S plans
  • Construction phase - risk assessment done and high risk activities identified...
Visitors also a key risk.

Field visits important to observe practice.

Reporting observed versus recorded incidents important.



  • Contractors not having qualified staff.
  • H&S staff transferred to new staff leaving gaps on the site.

Increased observations reduces risk.

Frequent auditing - internal to contractors and external

Early warnings system and preventive education and info on using safety equipment.


This coordinated and strategic approach improves safety.