31 May 2012

Resettlement Planning in a Development Context I - Presentation 1

Environmental Effects of Post-Disaster Rehabilitation

During the last few years Pakistan has been severely impacted by climate change related disasters.

Want to talk about the super-flood that we experienced a few years ago.


Pakistan has an agrarian economy over 60% rural population.

Vulnerable to climate change - 3 cyclones and 2 droughts as well as the super-flood covering an area off five European countries, affected ov 20 million people.

A major increase in water related infectious diseases including Dengue which had not been seen before


Aim to convert the natural disaster challenge into an opportunity. Create an entry point for health and hygiene programme.


Launched the "Upscaling Rural Sanitation in Flood Areas"

Aim to create demand and supply side management through:

  • Using existing women health visitors
  • Sensitising and awareness raising in local communities
  • Strengthening local entrepreneurs to provide sanitation products
Evaluated the programme using:

  • Over 5000 households in 361 villages
  • 90% wanted to live in their own houses even with the disaster
  • 75% suffered mental trauma
  • 90% had access to water
  • 56% aware of water contamination issues
  • ...
  • Children we a major focus using them as agents of change through local schools
  • 42% reduction in open defecation (OD)
  • 23 villages OD free
  • Media, esp. TV, played a big role


  • Awareness played a vital role - that building sanitation first before the rest of the home was vital for health
  • Positive step to managing natural water resources
  • Identified financial and capacity gaps
  • Important step towards sustainable development
  • Need financial, technical and research support to subsidise construction and products, developing local skills and creating low cost technologies.


Developing an organisational and legal framework at national, provincial and district levels.

Most of the people did not want to move but the increasing construction near waterways had to be cleared and those people had to be relocated. Whe people lived away from the waterways they were rehabilitated.


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