30 May 2012

Health and safety issues in environmental and social IA - Session II Presentation 1

The role of EIA in reducing health risk of industrial projects in China



EIA conducted in China for 30 years but EIA Law came into being in 2003.

No legislation for HIA.

EIA law says assessments should assess public health.

HIA capacity is extremely weak - no health institution has EIA citric action and EIA companies don't have a health specialist.

Environmental pollution - heavy metals and other industrial chemicals are a major problem.

EIA will play a key role in preventing this kind of pollution by building in preventive measures.


HIA under the context of EIA:

  • Applicant - am I in risk?
  • Community - are we safe?
  • Government - how should the decision be made?

Using the model of health risk assessment within EIA but we don't think this is suitable. So using a modified HRA approach.

Many feel that health already considered as there is an environmental standard that projects are accountable to.

Doing a case study on lead exposure, using a USEPA model Integrated Exposure Uptake Biokenetic Model for Lead in Children (IEUBK).

Our criteria for assessing significance of health impact:

  • Diagnostic standard (greater or equal to 100ug/L)
  • Background value of lead in blood of children

Challenges include identifying confounded, need clear bio markers, relies on other sciences developing Biokenetic approaches.

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