29 May 2012

Georges Kremlis, European Commission - Keynote

Energy is clearly a challenge.

The EU Lisbon Treaty has a full chapter on Energy.

Lots of projects on energy going on across the EU.

EU considering the environmental impacts of Shale Gas and whether we need a new legal instrument to cover shale gas or the existing legal framework is adequate.

Renewable energy is also an important aspect of how we move forward in the EU but cause frictions in relation to the protection of habitats and birds...

ESPOO convention is becoming increasingly important because of the increase in trains boundary energy infrastructure projects.

New Environment Directive is in being developed in draft and hopefully will go through the EC over the next year or so. To take on board European Court rulings as well as take on board climate and biodiversity considerations...including monitoring provisions similar to those that are in the SEA Directive.

Streamlining of IA for energy infrastructure...This will become a tool for climate change and biodiversity proofing and participation will become an important component.

Key infrastructure: Electricity smart grids and long range distribution networks; gas pipelines and extraction including shale gas; oil pipelines; CO2 carbon capture and storage and storage of energy particularly electricity.

Challenges: Fragmentation, Noise, Electromagnetic radiation; Operational risk; Collision damage; Conflicts with protected areas; Length of Permitting Process (6 years);

Proposed EU TEN-E Guidelines 2014-2020 which will ensure strategic energy networks and storage facilities are completed by 2020...


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