31 May 2012

Resettlement Planning in a Development Context I - Presentation 2

Teamwork Essential to Resettlement Action Planning for the Rehabilitation in Mozambique

Millennium Challenge Account is undertaking projects in four provinces in Mozambique - water and sanitation, financial support, land programme...


This presentation about a road project. Part of the N1 Road system, almost 150km of N1, 11m wide, 1.5m paved and 0.5m unpaved shoulders.

3 different phases - feasibility and IA; engineering design and resettlement; Construction

  • In Mozambique Law 30m right of way on each side of the road.
  • Corridor of ImPact - looked at 10m, 20m and 40m for each side of central line, and 15m for sensitive places, also deviated where needed from existing infrastructure and buildings.
  • Almost 1200 PAPs, loss of land, houses...
Established Green and Red Zones

  • Red - no go areas for contractors
  • Green - free for contractor to work in

The resettlement team was the same as design and implementation team because of limited time.


Key stakeholders were identified - Provincial, district and administrative authorities, communities


Used the Keep it Simple and Standard Approach.


  • Opened new market areas
  • Built new stores/commercial structures
  • Built new boreholes
  • Developed a RAP radio programme
  • Issued identity documents
  • Undertook public consultation
  • Ensure traditional ceremony to ask the Gods to help the programme go well.
  • PAP involvement important in RAP

Main challenge was the limited time to undertake the RAP

Having community liaison committees important.



  • Members of the resettlement committee included the Administrator of the District, Traditional Leader, most influential members of the community and other representatives both men and women.
  • There was limited time because it was an MCC funded project that needed to be completed in 5 years.

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