30 May 2012

IAIA AGM and Rose Hulman Award


Aim to create an endowment to provide a core base for our funding.

Special Symposiums have worked well.

Have prepared and submitted to the Rio conference.

Capacity building being undertaken, being able to modernise within and between members - IAIA Connect; fast tips and electronic round table; ...breaking away from a on e a year conference to year round communication and development. External development agency support much appreciated.

IAPA journal has new publisher Taylor & Francis; thanks to the team who reviewed the competitive applications.

Translation is a key issue and we need to go beyond materials only in English.

The numbers of participants is a really welcome sign that IA and meetings like this are seen as important.

Annual report summarised.

Rose Hulman awarded.

Frank Lloyd Wright said "We create a house and then it creates us" and that applies to IAIA which has shaped my life.



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