31 May 2012

Human RIghts IA and Extractive Industries - Session I, Presentation 5

How doing HRIA has changed how I look at SIA
How I became an 'expert' in HR - sociologist/SIA practitioner, 15 years experience in mining assessment, steep learning curve,...

Don't have a methodologically rigorous approach to HRIA (an important gap)

How do you define whether a company is respecting HR.

Used IFC Standards (that company had committed to, to measure respect and due diligence)

Used DIHR's HR Compliance Assessment Toolkit

Changed from HRIA to a Human Rights Assessment - because of inclusivity/baseline


Classification of findings:

  • Violation
  • Infringement
  • Failure of respect
  • ...
  • Enhancement
Areas intifed through HR

  • Consultation
  • Environment
  • Labour
  • Security
  • Land acquisition
  • Economic and social investment
  • Access to remedy (Respect of HR in judicial system)
  • Cross cutting issues - conflict, indigenous (collective) rights, gender, weakness of state protection of HR

Found on the web www.oncommonground.ca



3 differences between HRIA and SIA

  • Importance of understanding country context in HRIA
  • Scope of responsibility - often clients don't want to take responsibility for indirect social impacts, scope under HR is broader
  • Rights based approach - requires participation and integration of rights holders



  • Attribution
  • Authority - community vs expert evidence/experiences
  • ...


Final Thoughts

  • Looks beyond compensatory practices - social investments don't make up for negative impacts
  • Like SIA multiple stages and levels
  • Legitimate scope of the review beyond SIA regulations
  • due diligence
  • Shifts of the paradigm
  • Realpolitik
  • Cumulative effects

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