30 May 2012

Around the World in 80+ min with HIA in the Energy Sector - Session II, Presentation 2

Filling the Gap between Air Pollution and Human Health

Air pollution an important environmental health issue.


Key ways to assess this:

  • Can measure direct levels of air pollution
  • Cam measure indirectly via modelling

SaudAr Project

  • Relationship between ambient levels of air pollution and school children's health in Viseu in Portugal.
  • 60 asthmatic children we studied
  • The micro environments and daily activities were studied.
  • Air quality sampling in schools and in homes
  • Medical tests to evaluate the respiratory function of the children
  • Most children spend time indoors at home and at school
  • Findings: winter PM10 greater than 50ug m3 (WHO annual threshold 20ug m3)


Fumexp Project:

  • Potential effect of forest fires on firefighters based on personal exposure measurements, fire characteristics, air pollutant levels in experimental and wildfires.
  • Exposure standards were exceeded to CO and NO2 in experimental fires.
  • Only CO in wildfires.

Inspirar Project:

  • Evaluate industrial workers exposure to air pollution and health outcomes


  • Children affected by high levels of indoor air pollutants
  • Firefighters are also affected by air pollution
  • Industrial workers so far in the analysis are not exposed to higher levels of air pollution.
  • Projects show the value of environmental and health professionals coming together to look at health impacts.

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