30 May 2012

Around the World in 80+ min with HIA in the Energy Sector - Session I, Presentation 1


Policy decisions around energy will significantly affect our use - production and consumption.

Example: India phasing out kerosene lamps with LEDS.

3 examples of energy and health decisions.

Example 1: Green urban transport can reduce chronic disease, injuries and improve health equity.

  • Transport reliant on private vehicles increases congestion, pollution and physical inactivity.
  • ...
Example 2: clean household energy of the world's poor is central to improving women's and child health.

  • Avert 1 million deaths from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and cancer (mostly women).
  • ...
Example 3: sustainable energy in health care facilities an expand coverage of maternal, child and emergency services.

  • 20-60% of health clinics in 5 African countries had no electricity at all.
  • 5-12% lacked access to clean water because no energy to pump water.
  • ...

HIA is an important approach for energy sector projects.


Big picture

  • HIA being done but not systematic.
  • Take stock of current state of art - where are we now?
  • Discuss challenges - methods and applications
  • Identify gaps/issues to be addressed going forward.

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