30 May 2012

Around the World in 80+ min with HIA in the Energy Sector - Session II, Presentation 3

Capacity Building in Environment and Health

Common areas of concern in EH in participating countries:

  • Lack of intersectional collaboration
  • Lack of implementation and evaluation of risk assessment methodologies
  • Lack of knowledge on how to do HIA and health in EAs
  • Water quality, ESP in rural areas
  • Air quality, ESP in urban areas
  • Pollution prevention strategies and hazardous waste sites
  • Energy policy

Capacity needs in EH

  • How to use existing data for EH interpretation
  • ...

Health in IA in participating countries:

  • Have to abide by EU EIA and SEA Directives
  • Some countries HIA is obligatory - Lithuania, Slovakia - but knowledge on EIA/SEA limited
Undertook an international HIA conference

  • 70 participants from 8 countries
  • 1 week in Riga
  • Intermediate/Senior people were the target but got a mix of experienced and inexperienced professional but a good mix of health and environment professionals.
  • Nominated by Ministries of Health and Environment.
  • Key lectures on hot topics/ state of the art
  • Country case studies
  • Parallel workshops - Health in EIA, SEA and Quantitative Methods
  • Training of trainers

Feedback from participants - most very happy, some not happy, would like to see more training opportunities and more with environmental ministry colleagues.



  • Need both Ministry of Environment and Health participants, equal numbers ideally
  • Training included real case studies
  • Training of trainers
  • Publishing of these training materials
  • Follow up workshop in Estonia and Slovenia