5 June 2013

WHO Determinants of Health Discussion Paper Series

This is a WHO publication series devoted to the social determinants of health.

The series explores themes related to strategy, governance, tools and capacity building for addressing the social determinants of health to improve health equity

Action on the Social Determinants of Health: learning from previous experiences
Download discussion paper 1 at: http://bit.ly/14eLnIb

A Conceptual Framework for Action on the Social Determinants of Health
Download discussion paper 2 at: http://bit.ly/ZiWe5j

Monitoring Social Well-being to Support Policies on the Social Determinants of Health:
the case of New Zealand's "Social Reports/Te Purongo Oranga Tangata"
Download discussion paper 3 at: http://bit.ly/12m6FsX

Public Health Agencies and Cash Transfer Programmes:
making the case for greater involvement
Download discussion paper 4 at: http://bit.ly/11AeIe4

Evaluating intersectoral process for action on the social determinants of health:
Learning from key informants
Download discussion paper 5 at: http://bit.ly/10MLZY7

Addressing social determinants of health through intersectoral actions:
Five public policy cases from Mexico
Download discussion paper 6 at: http://bit.ly/15DrU77

Economic arguments for intersectoral interventions that improve the social determinants of health: Mexico
Download discussion paper 7 at: http://bit.ly/18QJus8

Cross-country analysis of the institutionalization of Health Impact Assessment
Download discussion paper 8 at: http://bit.ly/11V2G4Y

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