21 July 2012

IAIA 2012 Conference first batch of presentations online

If you didn't manage to get to Porto for the IAIA 2012 conference then you can browse the presentations from the conference which have started to trickle in at:


For those who did attend but haven't yet uploaded their presentations click the link and then go to the upload page and your presentation today (The link is on the right).

14 July 2012

Can you see the inequality?

Tim De Chant's blog Per Square Mile posted a series of very interesting pictures which illustrate income inequality from space. This is a stimulating and visual way of showing how poverty and inequality are reflected on urban form.

The images also reflect the importance of urban planning in addressing inequalities. The blog present satellite images from Google Earth of two different neighbourhoods from a selection of cities around the world. In case it isn’t obvious, the first image is the less well-off neighbourhood, the second the wealthier one.

See the pictures here

And if you have more pictures or other cities in mind, you can share them with the blog here

11 July 2012

Good news for HIA practitioners in the US: Funding opportunities from @RWJF

The new call for proposals will support two kinds of awards:
Demonstration project grantsGrants of up to $75,000 will each fund a single HIA to inform a specific upcoming decision on a proposed policy, program, plan, or project. Applicants proposing innovative topics for an HIA, those with strong plans for engaging stakeholders (including community members, policymakers, and industry), and those seeking to work in states or regions that have seen relatively little HIA activity to date will receive preference. Prior HIA experience is not required; the Health Impact Project will provide training and technical assistance to all grantees throughout each grant. 
For more information about current locations and the decisions the HIAs are informing, please see the map of HIA activity in the United States. 
HIA program grantsAwards of up to $250,000 will allow organizations with prior experience to conduct at least two new HIAs and to implement a plan that establishes the relationships, systems, and funding mechanisms needed to maintain a stable, self-supporting HIA program that endures beyond the conclusion of the grant period.
The Health Impact Project will host three webinars for potential applicants. Registration is required for all webinar attendees. Early response is encouraged, as participation will be limited.
  • August 1
  • – General information for all interested applicants.
  • August 7
  •  – Information on the “Screening” stage of HIA. This call will help demonstration grant applicants define an appropriate decision-making target for the HIA.
  • August 15
  •  – General information web conference call for interested HIA program applicants. 
Grants will support government agencies, educational organizations, or non-profits. Applications are due in September. The call will support up to eight demonstration project grants, including three in Minnesota through the support from the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota Foundation, and three HIA program grants.  
During the previous call for proposals, additional resources from other funders expanded the number of grants available. In the event that the number of grants available for this call for proposals increases, that information, including details such as the topics or geographic regions, will be communicated via the Health Impact Project funding opportunity page and this e-newsletter. 
Please also see the CFP landing page for a list of Frequently Asked Questions, webinar registration, application site, details about eligibility, and other resources.

8 July 2012

A taste of Calgary for IAIA 2013

The annual rodeo and bacchanal known as the Calgary Stampede kicked off today with a parade attended by over 400,000 people, most of them in cowboy hats, fortunately few in chaps.    For the next 10 days, Calgary business just about shuts down unless it is being conducted at a bar or behind some haybales.  The IAIA annual meeting will be held in Calgary in May 2013, with a beefed up (pun fully intended) health component, including a 2-day HIA advanced masterclass, special health theme forums, and a fantastic health section-only party hosted by Habitat Health Impact Consulting. It may seem far away, but it is not too early to start planning and getting excited.