18 April 2007

Speakers Announced for HIA2007 Conference

The speakers for the HIA2007 South East Asia and Oceania Health Impact Assessment Conference have been announced. The eleven keynote speakers are leaders in their fields and have a diverse array of expertise, ranging from sustainability to healthy urban environments to healthy equity and HIA practice.

To find out more about the HIA2007 South East Asia and Ocean HIA Conference go to http://www.hia2007.com

Confirmed speakers include:

Hugh Barton
WHO Collaborating Centre for Healthy Cities and Urban Policy, University of West England, Bristol

Professor Hugh Barton has conducted extensive research on sustainability, planning and the health impacts of urban environments.

Robert Bos
Sanitation and Health, World Health Organization, Geneva

Robert Bos has an extensive history of developing methods and capacity to use HIA on water resource developments as part of the WHO’s Water, Sanitation and Health Program.

Andrew Gilman
Sustainable Solutions International, Ottawa

Dr Andrew Gilman has had an extensive career working on sustainability and health issues in Canada and internationally. He is the former Director of Health Canada’s Office of Sustainable Development.

Ashley Gould
Welsh Local Government Association, Cardiff

Ashley Gould has worked on a number of health improvement initiatives at the local government level in Wales, including HIA. His current work focuses on capacity building and partnership working for health and wellbeing.

Elizabeth Harris
Research Centre for Primary Health Care and Equity, University of New South Wales, Sydney

Elizabeth Harris’ research led to the development of the Equity Focused Health Impact Assessment Framework. Her work has focused on the development and implementation of policy and practice interventions to reduce health inequalities.

Richard Morgan
Centre for Impact Assessment Research and Training, University of Otago, Dunedin

Professor Richard Morgan has extensive experience in environmental management and HIA. He was president of the International Association for Impact Assessment in 2004.

Rob Quigley
Quigley and Watts Associates, Wellington

Rob Quigley has played a key role in the development of HIA in England and New Zealand. He is actively involved in a range of HIAs across New Zealand.

Wiput Phoolcharoen
Thai Healthy Policy Foundation, Bangkok

Dr Wiput Phoolcharoen has wide-ranging expertise in public health issues in the South East Asian Region. He is the former Director of the Thai Health Systems Research Institute and currently the President of the Thai Healthy Public Policy Foundation

Decharut Sukkumnoed
Thai Healthy Policy Foundation and Kasetsart University, Bangkok

Dr Decharut Sukkumnoed has guided the development of HIA and healthy public policy in Thailand over the past seven years. His work on the health impacts of energy policy has influenced

Daniel Tarantola
Initiative on Health and Human Rights, University of New South Wales, Sydney

Professor Daniel Tarantola has had a distinguished career as an advisor World Health Organization and was involved in the creation of Médecins Sans Frontières. He is best known for his influential work in the area of HIV/AIDS and human rights.

Gareth Williams
Cardiff Institute of Society, Health and Ethics, Cardiff University, Cardiff

Professor Gareth Williams has over 20 years of experience in the sociology of health and wellbeing. His current research looks at the relationships between economic regeneration, community development and sustainable health.

17 April 2007

The reflective HIA practitioner

“In a practitioner’s reflective conversation with a situation [an initiative]…she functions as agent/experient.
Through her transaction with the situation, she shapes it and makes herself part of it.”

The Reflective Practitioner by Donald Schön