11 June 2013

HIA and peer review satisfaction survey

Request below.

Please help move the practice of HIA and peer review forward with your feedback on this survey (5 minutes).
Survey link (google form): http://goo.gl/DN7Tg
We, a group of HIA practitioners, are interested in your experiences of the peer review process in Health Impact Assessment (HIA), as a reviewer and/or as a reviewee. Although HIA practice is not standardized, many HIA practitioners feel some form of peer review to be important in ensuring quality in the HIA process. Your responses to the survey will:
  • help us understand the broad and multiple practices of peer review
  • inform a paper featuring case studies of how practitioners have incorporated peer review within the HIA framework.
For this survey, peer review is defined broadly to include all purposeful activities that contribute to enhancing the quality of an HIA using peer review and feedback. This could range from an informal gathering of “experts” to review the HIA to a formalized double-blind review facilitated by an academic journal. 
Reviewers might be environmental exposure specialists, community leaders, public officials, or others.Please feel free to share with other colleagues who have been a part of the peer review process in HIA.Deadline for responses - August 1st, 2013
For more information, contact Tim Choi at tim.choi@sfdph.org

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