29 July 2011

Alaskan govt publishes voluntary guidelines on health impact assessment

The State of Alaska has published a toolkit on HIA in Alaska. It's available from:

These voluntary guidelines are designed for assessment of major projects. The description of the HIA process is a bit baffling and it tends to focus on health risks, probably not inappropriately. It's worth a look.

25 July 2011

IPIECA Ecosystem Services Guidelines

IPIECA, the oil and gas industry association for environmental and social issues, has released an interesting and useful set of guidelines for ecosystem services.

Health specialists have a responsibility to engage with biodiversity issues to a greater extent. This is a practical way to get started.

24 July 2011

The Folly of Prediction

There's an interesting one hour audio program over at Freakonomics Radio on The Folly of Prediction. It's worth a listen for anyone with an interest in impact assessment.

17 July 2011

New Thai Blog on HIA and Healthy Public Policy

Our friend and colleague Decharut Sukkumnoed has started a new blog in Thai at:


There's some great stuff there, for example this post on the promise and potential of ecocities.

1 July 2011

This month's news from the Health Impact Assessment Gateway

Library one-to-one IT Training: MWIA

Steps to healthy planning: proposals for action

Using IT for public consultation 

Innovation & learniing report: N. Staffordshire HIAs

Policy Documents
A strategy for social mobility (England)

Training Courses
Short course in HIA, 21st to 24th June, Australia

High Speed Rail 2: Land Use & Transport Impacts, 6th July, Birmingham