16 May 2013

Oregon Health Authority HIA Program Position (Closes soon!)

From the position announcement:

OHA's HIA Program envisions an Oregon where human health and the distribution of health impacts are actively considered in relevant projects, policies, and plans across sectors. The Program is focused on catalyzing change in three key areas: promoting health impact assessment (HIA) among decision-makers and community partners; institutionalizing HIA practice into existing mechanisms; and expanding support for practitioners. We are seeking an epidemiologist/public health scientist to join our team to provide technical leadership on HIA projects and advance the consideration of health in Oregon.
The position closes on May 20. Click below to view the announcement: 

U.S.A. Southeast Regional HIA Summit

From the organisers:

Registration is now open for the first ever Southeast Regional HIA Summit! July 31 – August 2, Davidson, NC.
This is NOT your typical conference. Let’s face facts…HIA practitioners are a special breed of people who are creative enough to bridge the gap between multiple fields and operate outside of the box on a daily basis. Whenever we get together the atmosphere is more like a family reunion than a meeting. Add in the small-town charm of Davidson, NC and southern hospitality and you just know you are in store for a good time.
Here’s what the first Southeast Regional HIA Summit has to offer:

  • Opportunities to LISTEN: Hear from Dr. John Santopietro, M.D., Carolinas HealthCare System, on The State of Mental Health in the U.S. and Mitchell Silver, AICP, Past President of the American Planning Association on Building Healthy Communities.
  • Chances to LEARN: From each other during small group discussions− HIA Speed Dating, HIA Tool Exchange, Troubleshooting your HIA, Developing the HIA Message, Sustaining an HIA Program, and HIA and Health Equity.
  • Time to HAVE FUN: Networking during community activities including bicycling on Davidson’s greenway, paddling on Lake Davidson and viewing the Davidson Design for Life Documentary at Our Town Cinema.
  • And much, much more!

Likely participants include: HIA practitioners, researchers, and funders; professionals and educators from the fields of planning, policy, and public health; and interested government officials and not-for-profit leaders. To get the most out of the Summit, you should have direct experience in conducting HIA; be currently involved in conducting your first HIA; or at least have a basic understanding of the process and principles of HIA.
Everything you need to know about the Summit may be found on our web page:

  • Preliminary schedule-of-events
  • Hotel information
  • Online registration or a printable registration form (Early Bird Registration Deadline is June 15)
  • Travel scholarship
  • How to get to Davidson, NC

For more information and questions, please contact Courtney Spear, Summit Conference Planner at 704.400.0880 or courtneyhspear@gmail.com

3 May 2013

Impact Assessment: The Next Generation, the program of #iaia13 is available

Focus on Health - 14 May

The diversity of HIA practice worldwide is both a challenge and an asset, and the IAIA 2013 Health Day presents an ideal opportunity to facilitate dialogue across HIA practice globally. The Health Day and the other health-related activities will explore the importance of health within the Impact Assessment process, will enable IA practitioners to reflect on key lessons learned through the application of HIA, and will conclude with an examination of how HIA needs to evolve to be a better fit for the challenges ahead.

The one below is just a short summary, check the whole event program and the details of the presentations on the final program. At page 20 you find the details of the Health Day
6.1 Integrating health in impact assessments: Opportunities not to be missed
6.2 The science and art of international: HIA practice: Reflecting the range of HIA practitioners
6.3 The science and art of international: HIA practice: Old issues and new applications
6.4 The science and art of international: HIA practice: Let’s discuss
6.5 The science and art of international: HIA practice: Example from the industry
6.6 Using health impact assessment to achieve sustainable goals
14.6 Community responses to the next generation of energy technologies
See you in Calgary!

HIA Gateway Updates

Below are listed all the resources added to the HIA Gateway over the last month.

Reports:Thames Tideway Tunnel Application for Development Consent: HIA http://www.apho.org.uk/resource/item.aspx?RID=124443 HIA of the Kirkby Centre http://www.apho.org.uk/resource/item.aspx?RID=124392 HIA of Stockbridge Village Redevelopment http://www.apho.org.uk/resource/item.aspx?RID=124390 HIA of Halewood Developments http://www.apho.org.uk/resource/item.aspx?RID=124389 HIA of Stockport’s Core Strategy http://www.apho.org.uk/resource/item.aspx?RID=124096 MHIA of use of arrests records in employment decisions: US http://www.apho.org.uk/resource/item.aspx?RID=124092 HIA of Doneraile Traveller accommodation proposal http://www.apho.org.uk/resource/item.aspx?RID=124090 

Guides:District Action on Public Health (DCN) http://www.apho.org.uk/resource/item.aspx?RID=124416 

Current Use:Stockport Healthy Planning Event 2013: Feedback http://www.apho.org.uk/resource/item.aspx?RID=124418 District Action on Public Health (DCN) http://www.apho.org.uk/resource/item.aspx?RID=124416 

Policy Documents:The role of local authorities in health issues http://www.apho.org.uk/resource/item.aspx?RID=124451 

Training Courses:European Summer School in evidence based Public Health, 1st to 5th July, Liverpool http://www.apho.org.uk/resource/item.aspx?RID=124299 

Events:Utopias in urban planning: Dreams and realities. 15 May, Stoke-on-Trent http://www.apho.org.uk/resource/item.aspx?RID=124301 Public Health England Annual Conference 2013, 10-11th September, Warwick http://www.apho.org.uk/resource/item.aspx?RID=124298 

The HIA Bibliography has recently been updated, April 2013, and 50 new references were added. It is updated quarterly. If you have any relevant published papers you think should be on this list please forward to HIA Gateway We are now part of Public Health England. Public Health England will use use your information (as registered on the HIA Gateway) in the same way as we previously used your information and will not use it for any other purposes. We will ensure these details remain secure. If you no longer wish to continue receiving this monthly email and remain registered with the HIA Gateway, please contact the HIA Gateway: bwh-tr.hia@nhs.net .