27 September 2010

The original SDOH rainbow; policies and strategies to promote social equity in health

To celebrate 5 years of the HIA blog I thought I would share something exclusive that you won't find anywhere on the internet.

How many of you have seen the original social determinants of health (SDOH) diagram?

How many of you have read the original document? Probably one of the two most quoted documents in HIA literature, the other being the Gothenburg HIA Consensus Paper.

This is an amazing historical document that was written on a typewriter! Yes, before the ubiquity of computers in our lives. The SDOH rainbow is similarly hand-drawn and very twee!

I got a photocopy of this a few years back and then misplaced it. I've now scanned my photocopy so that anyone can read it and this is the perfect time to share it.

For the next few days and weeks you can only download it exclusively from here.

Click here to download Policies and Strategies to Promote Social Equity in Health.

Click here to download the jpeg image of the Original SDOH Rainbow.

Things to check out:
The Strategy Matrix on page 53
The Checklists for Action on pages 62-65

Courtesy of: Hannah Zackrisson, Librarian, Institute of Future Studies. Click here to go their website.

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