15 September 2010

Approaches to urban slums: adaptive and proactive strategies

A really useful and interesting website from The World Bank - presentations, video interviews, aerial imagery and animations.


"Approaches to Urban Slums brings together the growing and rich body of knowledge on the vital issue of improving the lives of existing slum dwellers, while simultaneously planning for new urban growth in a way which ensures future urban residents are not forced to live in slums. The sourcebook comprises 14 self-running audiovisual presentations and 18 video interviews. 

It is organized into four broad sections: Adaptive Approaches, Proactive Approaches, Case Profiles, and Thematic Interviews and contains more than 9 viewing hours of content. 

Approaches to Urban Slums builds on an extensive body of knowledge accumulated over 35 years from a wide range of sources. The 14 self-running audiovisual presentations include photographs, illustrations, maps, graphic animations, and aerial imagery, along with voice-over narration. The 18 video interviews provide access to the knowledge and opinions of urban stakeholder and experts on specific issues, and from various development perspectives, including development organizations, governments, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), community organizations, academia, and professional urban consulting."

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