31 January 2010

Job: Project Manager HIA of California Cap and Trade:

Project Manager position at the Public Health Institute, Redmond CA USA
Health Impact Assessment of California Cap and Trade Scheme


The Public Health Institute (PHI) is a large non-profit public health organization conducting a broad range of public health research, training, and technical assistance programs in California, throughout the nation, and around the world. PHI is seeking a full time 1 year limited Project Manager for Health Impact Assessment (HIA). This position is located in Richmond, CA.

Project Manager will coordinate a HIA of the California Air Resources Board cap and trade regulations. The tasks of the overall project include completing primarily the scoping, assessment, and reporting phases of the HIA. The assessment phase includes conducting pathway analyses, analysis of baseline data, and scenarios analysis. The Project Manager will be in charge of the overall project. Duties will include conducting meetings and communicating with key stakeholders and partners, writing the final report, and conducting an evaluation of the process.

This position represents an excellent opportunity for someone with interests in health effects of climate change and policy implications.

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