14 January 2010

Call for Abstracts: WHO/IAIA one day HIA conference to coincide with IAIA10

Health Impact Assessment Conference

To be held at WHO in Geneva on 7 April 2010

Urban development and extractive industries: What can HIA offer?

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A one-day conference on recent advances in Health Impact Assessment will take place in Geneva on 7 April 2010, hosted by WHO and the IAIA. The preliminary programme will be posted soon.

Abstracts are welcome in the two conference topic areas:

Topic 1: HIA in Cities (morning session). For this topic, we are looking for HIA examples or analysis of HIAs linked to urban development; abstracts must focus on the links between urban health and projects and programmes in sectors such as land use planning, housing, waste management and transport.

Topic 2: HIA in Extractive Industries (afternoon session). For this topic, we
are looking for HIA examples or analysis of HIAs in extractive industries dealing with natural resources, such as mining, oil and gas, forestry and logging.

Within each of these topic areas, we are particularly interested in abstracts that explore one or more of the following aspects:

a) Linkages between project management and health systems/health authorities.
b) Accountability mechanisms for HIA, such as monitoring, evaluation and followup of HIA recommendations, impact on policies and on health outcomes.
c) The use of health in stakeholder engagement and communicating about
project impacts.
d) Has the HIA resulted in modifications to plans and projects? Has it assisted in protecting and promoting health?

Instructions for applicants:
The abstracts are to be sent by e-mail only, by 15 February 2010 at the latest, to the following address: hia@who.int

Please print HIA URBAN DEVELOPMENT or HIA NATURAL RESOURCES in the Subject line.

Each abstract should be a short and concise document in Word (.doc) or pdf
format. In no more than 150 words, it should describe the experience or example and show how it relates to one or more of the criteria described above.

Selected authors will be contacted directly and asked to prepare posters based on the abstracts which will be published in the conference proceedings.

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