3 August 2009

Special issue of IAPA on the effectiveness of impact assessment

Impact Assessment and Project Appraisal, the journal of the International Association for Impact Assessment, has published a special issue the effectiveness of impact assessment instruments.

IA effectiveness is a pet subject of mine but I think that the issue will be of interest to any HIA professional. Though none of the articles deal with HIA specifically the issues discussed are all relevant to HIA practice, in particular Urmila Jha-Thakur's excellent article on the importance of participatory learning in SEA.

The issue includes articles on:

Introduction: The effectiveness of impact assessment instruments
pp. 91-93(3)
Authors: Cashmore, Matthew; Bond, Alan; Sadler, Barry

Effectiveness in social impact assessment: Aboriginal peoples and resource development in Australia
pp. 95-110(16)
Author: O'Faircheallaigh, Ciaran

SEA and planning: 'ownership' of strategic environmental assessment by the planners is the key to its effectiveness
pp. 111-120(10)
Authors: Stoeglehner, Gernot; Brown, A.L.; Kørnøv, Lone B.

Rationality and effectiveness: does EIA/SEA treat them as synonyms?
pp. 121-131(11)
Author: Elling, Bo

Effectiveness of strategic environmental assessment - the significance of learning
pp. 133-144(12)
Authors: Jha-Thakur, Urmila; Gazzola, Paola; Peel, Deborah; Fischer, Thomas B.; Kidd, Sue

Evaluating strategic environmental assessment in The Netherlands: content, process and procedure as indissoluble criteria for effectiveness
pp. 145-154(10)
Authors: van Buuren, Arwin; Nooteboom, Sibout

Sustainability-focused impact assessment: English experiences
pp. 155-168(14)
Authors: Therivel, Riki; Christian, Gemma; Craig, Claire; Grinham, Russell; Mackins, David; Smith, James; Sneller, Terry; Turner, Richard; Walker, Dee; Yamane, Motoko

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Matt Cashmore, Alan Bond and Barry Sadler have done a good job guest editing the issue and I think it will make a substantial contribution to the update of the International Environmental Impact Assessment Effectiveness Study [PDF 6 Mb] that is currently underway.

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