24 March 2014

From Katie Hirono on behalf of the US Society of Practitioners of Health Impact Assessment:
The Society of Practitioners of Health Impact Assessment (SOPHIA) seeks recommendations for exemplary HIA reports for the 2014 list of outstanding HIA reports. The SOPHIA Model HIA Reports Library functions as a periodically updated repository of exemplary HIA reports. The library is intended for:
  1. People who are unfamiliar with HIA and want to understand what a high caliber HIA report product might look like (for example, people thinking of commissioning an HIA)
  1. HIA practitioners seeking above average HIA reports as a reference
You may recommend HIAs done by yourself or other practitioners. The HIA can be on a project or policy, done in any location both in the U.S. and abroad, and be either stand-alone or done as part of an integrated assessment.  As we have already selected reports from 2009 – 2012, ideally these reports would have been released within the past 2 years. 
You must be a member of SOPHIA to submit a recommended HIA report (but can join easily here: http://hiasociety.org/?page_id=48). Or, click here to submit a recommendation: http://hiasociety.org/?page_id=29

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