9 October 2013

Health Impact Assessments in Australia and New Zealand 2005-2009

Overview of HIAs in Australia and New Zealand during the study period
I'm excited that several colleagues and I have published a paper on HIAs conducted in Australia and New Zealand between 2005 and 2009:

This paper is essentially a census of practice. It's the first paper from an Australian Research Council-funded study of the impact and effectiveness of HIAs conducted in Australia and New Zealand. The best thing is it's an open access publication, so anyone can access the entire article for free.

The flow chart below gives an overview of how HIAs were selected for inclusion in the study. We don't think we included every HIA done - a number were not possible to find or were never publicly released - but the study represents one of the more systematic and comprehensive attempts to describe HIA practice internationally.

A total of 115 potentially eligible HIAs were identified; 55 met the study's inclusion criteria
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