1 September 2012

Closing Speech: Future Challenges


  • A rapidly evolving agenda
  • A rapid dissemination of HIA worldwide
  • There is a complementary/synergy between HIA and HiAP
  • From knowledge, to know how, to being

  • Push/pull approach: developing more pull approaches, importance of working with communities and risk of reduced participation, what can we bring to other sectors rather than what they can bring to us
  • Smart beaver: several approaches, several methods, importance of contextualising and maintaining diversity, a strategic approach combined with a methodological approach, having a law is not enough

  • Sharing knowledge: accessible, quality, timely information, transparent process, build trust
  • Capacity building: intersectoral network development (professionals and decisionmakers)
  • Learning through practice, online training, mentoring

  • What is the role of HIA compared to other types of IA
  • How can we commit with other sectors outside of health including decisionmakers and the economic sectors

  • Strengths and weaknesses of different approaches
  • How can we improve the conceptualisation of equity and vulnerability within HIA

  • This is a startegic approach to consider health in all policies
  • Importance of establishing a worldwide collaborative network supported by WHO

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