1 June 2012

Closing Plenary - saying thank you and, reluctantly, goodbye

Obrigado/a and Adeus Porto and IAIA Porto Committee, new friends and old, and everyone involved in making this a excellent conference!


Lovely venue, great food, and beautiful city

Emerging themes:
  • Free, prior informed consent
  • Public participation
  • Performance based contracts in construction
  • Proactive government
  • Capability building in impact and benefit management
  • Conflict resolution and management
  • Community acceptance of renewables
  • Social investment, local content (long before IA starts)
  • Social Investment Management Plan (stakeholder is my partner)
  • Art of communication
  • Difference between SEA and EIA
  • Climate change research into practice
  • Gendered nature of impacts
  • Institutional capacity building
  • Regulation for ESHIA
  • Consensus building
  • Each context is different
  • Environmental impacts have social implications
  • Public participation is difficult
  • How big a success were the laminated almonds at the Banquet?
  • Assessing significance
  • Involving citizens in monitoring
  • Resettlement and livelihood practices
  • Workforce health and safety
  • Strategic thinking in ESHIA
  • Dependence on/of ecosystem services
  • Denial of individual's access to rights rather than impacts
  • Link between E&S management and value of investment
  • Link between IAIA and industry associations
  • Regional economic development

Pictures of Porto to follow...

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