1 December 2011

Are We Building Competitive and Liveable Cities?

 A UN report providing guidelines for developing eco-efficient and socially inclusive infrastructure.

The 6 strategic principles to ensure eco-effi cient and inclusive outcomes in the process of planning and developing urban infrastructure are:
  • Lead the change: put sustainable urban infrastructure on top of your agenda.
  • Bridge the gap: link short-term goals to long-term vision.
  • Link sector and actors: integrate across sectors and between institutions.
  • Recognize the value of sustainable infrastructure: consider all values (monetary and not) of sustainable infrastructure.
  • Turn “green” into a business opportunity: build the business case for eco-effi cient solutions.
  • Build the city for people together with the people: sustainable outcomes can be achieved only through broad-based participation. 

I liked the diagrams and case studies in this report.

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