24 October 2011

Rio Political Declaration on Social Determinants of Health

The bits that really resonated with me are:

We reaffirm that health inequities within and between countries are politically, socially and economically unacceptable, as well as unfair and largely avoidable, and that the promotion of health equity is essential to sustainable development and to a better quality of life and well-being for all, which in turn can contribute to peace and security.

We reiterate our determination to take action on social determinants of health as collectively agreed ... three overarching recommendations of the Commission on Social Determinants of Health:

  • to improve daily living conditions;
  • to tackle the inequitable distribution of power, money and resources; and
  • to measure and understand the problem and assess the impact of action.

We are convinced that action on these determinants, both for vulnerable groups and the entire population, is essential to create inclusive, equitable, economically productive and healthy societies. Positioning human health and well-being as one of the key features of what constitutes a successful, inclusive and fair society in the 21st century is consistent with our commitment to human rights at national and international levels.

Click here to go to the WHO conference website and download the Declaration.

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