7 September 2011

Online Public Health Courses at the People's Open Access Edu Initiative

Really interesting organisation providing reasonably priced/cheap online public health courses. They are not a university but they are accredited by the UK Royal Society for Public Health. As a fellow of the RSPH I'm really pleased that they are supporting this but I heard of this through a LinkedIn Group and not them!

If you have taken one or more of their modules I'd love to know what you thought of them in the comments.

Enrolling in a Peoples-uni module/unit costs £30 each - after 6 modules/units you are eligible for a Diploma and may be eligible to take the Dissertation for the Masters degree (which is equivalent to 3 modules/units) so the total cost of a Peoples-uni Diploma is £180 and Masters is £270.

Check out their website by clicking here.

Foundation sciences of Public Health.
Evidence Based Practice
Evaluation of Interventions
Introduction to Epidemiology
Public Health Concepts for Policy Makers
Public Health Ethics
Health Economics
Inequalities and the Social Determinants of Health

Public Health Problems.
Disaster management and emergency planning
Maternal Mortality
Preventing Child Mortality
Communicable disease
Non-Communicable Disease - CVD and Diabetes
Patient safety
Public Health Nutrition

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