29 March 2011

Forthcoming Book on Health Impact Assessment: Principles and Practice

Our friend Martin Birley has a book on HIA coming out:
"The purpose of this book is to fill this gap and to introduce the subject of Health Impact Assessment using plain language, in both general and specific contexts and with reference both to market and less developed economies. As a result, the reader should be able to describe what HIA can and cannot achieve, identify the components of a successful HIA and participate in an assessment as a member of a team. Examples are provided from a number of planning and development sectors, including extractive industry, water resource management, and housing. The reader, whether student or professional, need not be a health specialist, although prior knowledge of some public or environmental health would be an advantage."

“To many people, Health Impact Assessment is a new concept requiring new skills. A pioneer and global expert in the subject, Dr Birley has been grappling successfully with this challenge for many decades. His book reveals extraordinary experience and insight, providing depth and context to existing HIA guidelines, invaluable to those who are trying to use them."
Sir Michael Marmot,
Professor of Epidemiology & Public Health, Chair of the Commission on Social Determinants of Health and current president of the BMA

“I warmly commend this book. Apart from being by far the most useful work on how to operationalize Health Impact Assessment, the book is brilliantly comprehensive and a profoundly wise distillation of the author’s unparalleled experience worldwide.”
Dr Robert Goodland,
former Senior Environmental Advisor at the World Bank and former president of the International Association for Impact Assessment
It looks like it will be a great read and useful to everyone with an interest in HIA. You can find out a lot more about the book here.

It's also being launched at the HIA Conference in Granada so please make sure to drop by if you're attending.

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