14 January 2011

2012 International HIA Conference – Hosts Wanted - 28th Feb' 2011 Deadline

The next International  HIA Conference will be held 14-15 April 2011, in Granada, Spain. Meanwhile we are working urgently to find a host and fix a venue and date for the next conference in 2012.

A small working group has taken on the task of searching for and selecting a host for the next International HIA conference. This working group is chaired by the  host of the current conference, Carlos Artundo, and consists of those who have hosted the previous four International HIA Conferences (Eva Elliott, Owen Metcalfe, Alex Scott Samuel, and, Lea den Broeder).

The International HIA Conference Working Group invites proposals for hosting of the 2012 International HIA Conference.

Future hosts are asked to:
  • Provide evidence that ensures  the support of their organisations ;
  • Describe their ability for underwriting the conference;
  • Describe the proposed location and date of the conference
  • Outline the possible themes of the conference
The proposer selected to host the conference will be asked to
  • Make a short presentation on  the location date  and theme of the 2012 International HIA conference at the upcoming conference  in Granada (April 2011);
  • Be prepared after hosting the conference to pass on their conference organiser’s report, experiences, registration data, web site, and (if any) rollover budget to the next host;
  • Chair the working group looking for the 2013 host.
The working group will be happy to share with anyone considering hosting future conferences the experience built up from previous conferences of what hosting the conference entails, the facilities that have to be provided and the costs.

Future hosts are asked to send their proposal to Carlos Artundo, e-mail c.artundo (at) telefonica.net

The deadline for submitting proposals is 28 February 2011. We will then select the host from among those who have submitted proposals before 15 March 2011 and notify proposers of the outcome. This will allow  a definite venue and date for the next conference to be announced at the  International HIA Conference in Granada in April 2011. 

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