29 October 2010

11th International HIA Conference - Abstract Submissions Deadline 15th Dec 2010

"In times of crisis, healthier ways"

The XIth International HIA Conference will take place on 14th-15th April 2011 in Granada, Spain at the Andalusian School of Public Health.

Abstracts are now being accepted, so if you have an interesting HIA story to tell whether at local, regional, national or international levels then get writing and submit you 300 word abstract for an oral or poster presentation.

Submissions are online from the conference website at:

Abstracts are welcomed in the four main conference topics:  
Topic 1. The role of HIA in times of crisis
How HIA can help reconsider the foundation of the prevailing development model, to include health as a core value for the wellbeing of the population wellbeing in  public policies, and to effectively address health equity. 
Topic 2. Embedding HIA in the decision making process to promote HiAP
How HIA can be mainstreamed to promote healthier public policies, as well as the opportunities that emerge from the new public health laws currently being developed in many countries at a national and regional levels. 
Topic 3. HIA methodology
What methodologies alongside solid evidence-based knowledge can facilitate the effective integration of HIA into policy-making processes whilst having a strong community perspective.

Topic 4. Sectorial experiences. HIA is being increasingly used in a variety of sectors and activities
Current HIA practice in urban planning, transport, regeneration projects, etc. and new emerging areas for HIA development.  

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