10 February 2010

Health Impact Assessment Round-Up

This is a collection of HIA-related links, news and events that have recently caught the eyes of the HIA & Healthy Public Policy Team at the Centre for Health Equity Training, Research and Evaluation (CHETRE).

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Health Impact Assessment

  • Health Effects Assessment Tool: A Guide for assessing health impacts of resource projects http://bit.ly/9yaP82 by Tania Barron, Marla Orenstein and Ame-Lia Tamburrini
  • Keynote presentations from the HIA '09 Conference in Rotterdam http://icio.us/fo5fxq
  • Competency Framework for Health Impact Assessment, as discussed at HIA09 conference http://icio.us/rjhitd
  • HIA Report: HIA of the Herne Bay Area Action Plan by Kent PCT http://bit.ly/aOKJJp
  • Salim and Gifty from the Centre for HIA at the Institute of Occupational Medicine have been doing a huge amount of work on the health impact assessment wiki http://bit.ly/ac6nOM
  • Pittsburg Railroad Ave Specific Plan HIA [USA] http://bit.ly/d8tqlc
  • New Gold Coast City Council (Australia) Social & Health Impact Assessment Policy out for comment 'til 1 March '10 [PDF] http://bit.ly
  • Thailand: "Map Ta Phut panel wants to revive buffer zone" http://bit.ly/cShSe6 Having been there, an expanded buffer is desperately required.
  • New HIA Gateway Resources http://bit.ly/ceArLZ
  • New Zealand HIA newsletter for Feb 2010 [PDF] http://bit.ly/arQqFX
  • Did you know there's a public calendar for HIA events? http://bit.ly/boZ812
  • HIA Best Practice Sharing Workshop in Wales 2009 - Presentations now online! http://bit.ly/7ZP7T5

Evidence Reviews and Summaries

Jobs & Other Opportunities

Conferences & Events

  • Short course on IFC Performance Standards 6 March, coincides with Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada Conference http://bit.ly/bnbSVy
  • Marmot and the Third Sector: Addressing Health Inequalities Together, London 9 March http://bit.ly/9lOE6w
  • Fifth EU Ministerial Conference on environment and health, Parma, Italy, 10-12 March 2010 http://bit.ly/aAWHej (Keep an eye out for media reports)
  • Conference: Equality and inequality in health: Measuring and commissioning for equity, London, 11 March 2010 http://bit.ly/9pOtSz
  • Canadian NCCHPP workshop on "Deliberating to Inform Decision-making" in Montréal, 12 March http://bit.ly/aVuHBW
  • Canadian Conference on Global Health 2010: The Call for Abstracts for Papers and Posters, due 29 March http://bit.ly/dq1CLE
  • Prevention and health inequalities : Cost-effective and evidence-based solutions, London, 30 March 2010 http://bit.ly/cN3Y57
  • What is Evidence-Informed Decision Making? Five Day Workshop in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, 10-14 May http://bit.ly/aJX9bq
  • Sustainability Assessment Symposium: Towards Strategic Assessment for Sustainability, Perth 25-26 May 2010 http://bit.ly/cBGsA5
  • Double IAIA Symposia Climate Change & Impact Assessment. Aalborg, Denmark 25-26 Oct http://j.mp/9HvtyJ Washington DC USA 15-16 Nov http://j.mp/b8fJxA
  • HIA2010 3rd Asia Pacific HIA Conference, Dunedin, New Zealand, 17-19 November 2010 http://bit.ly/ciV6GJ
Training Population Health & Primary Care Other Items of Interest
  • UN Report on the World Social Situation (RWSS) 2010: Rethinking Poverty http://bit.ly/9bPkjI
  • UK National Equality Panel report: An Anatomy of Economic Inequaltiy in th UK http://bit.ly/a2j0jK
  • 10 Out of 10 Deadly Health Stories: Successful programs from Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services [where deadly = good] http://bit.ly/bbHxcr
  • Social Justice Report 2009 [Australian Human Rights Commission] http://bit.ly/9RW45H Indigenous language, country and identity.
  • Geoengineering the climate: science, governance and uncertainty [The Royal Society] http://bit.ly/bW6K02
  • Miliband's war on climate change denialism (and the media's role in it) http://bit.ly/ag6vOi
  • Tritium Leak At Vermont USA Nuclear Plant Grows http://bit.ly/cP3KSC
  • Western Australia to set up country's first mental health commission [ABC News] http://bit.ly/biRC21
  • Bowles on income inequality http://bit.ly/b56055
  • The Australian Government wants to implement the most drastic change to social security ever. And nobody knows about it. http://bit.ly/bvdEqD
  • Equality Speak: Challenges for a fair society http://j.mp/9FtLa3 The introduction is free to download, but you have to pay for the rest of the book.
  • We have a floor, now we need a ceiling: Reducing Canada’s income inequalities (Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives) http://bit.ly/dAK5JO
  • Transport supports are 'key' to fighting social exclusion, allowing the vulnerable access to services.The Irish Times http://bit.ly/9YQQZe
  • London 2030: Predictions (The Guardian) http://bit.ly/bgPkDb
  • Documentary: Petropolis - Aerial Perspectives on the Alberta Tar Sands (trailer) http://j.mp/bIMyYP
  • Good points on how to make your presentations worthwhile http://bit.ly/aZlHyO
  • Tales of Water in Africa: Innovation vs the Boring Stuff http://bit.ly/aj6hpY
  • Discussion of SLAPP: "Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation" http://bit.ly/cEnS2Y
  • Newly launched Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Worker Association (Australia) http://www.natsihwa.org.au

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