19 March 2008

IAIA Health Quarterly March 2008

From Ben Cave, Co-Chair of the International Association for Impact Assessment Health Section

The latest issue of the IAIA HIA Quarterly is available for download from the IAIA website [PDF 380 Kb].

This issue includes the following articles:
  • Ben Cave reports on a meeting between the World Health Organization, the
  • International Finance Corporation and the World Bank;
  • Maria João Heitor writes about a European meeting in Portugal looking at
  • Health, and Health Systems, Impact Assessment;
  • Mathias Wismar and Kelly Ernst write about a new publication on the
  • effectiveness of HIA;
  • Ben Harris-Roxas reports on the South East Asia and Oceania HIA Conference;
  • Teresa Lavin and the HIA team at the Institute of Public Health in Ireland
  • team describe the 8th International HIA conference held in Dublin;
  • Dianne Katscherian describes the forthcoming session on climate change and
  • health at IAIA08; and
  • there is a round up of new publications and websites and forthcoming events.
We will soon issue a call for contributions to the next Quarterly via HIA listservs.

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