8 March 2006

HIA Capacity Building

I recently came across IMPACT's Capacity Building for Health Impact Assessment webpage. It's a project that brings together IMPACT, Liverpool Primary Care Trusts and the Liverpool City Council to build capacity to undertake HIA. They're doing interesting work, quite similar in nature to our NSW HIA Project.

If you're interested in some of the specifics of CHETRE's approach you can access the article on the project in the NSW Public Health Bulletin or look at the presentations I gave on the project at the 2005 IAIA conference and at the 2004 UK & Ireland HIA conference. I'm sure that IMPACT will presenting on their work at the upcoming HIA conference in Cardiff.

Building system capacity to undertake HIA is one of the primary challenges facing governments interested in utilising HIA. (more) Past experience suggests that top-down or legislative approaches requiring HIA with little prior capacity building will fail.

CHETRE has taken more of a multi-pronged approach to building capacity, drawing on the NSW Capacity Building Framework:

I know that IMPACT's work draws upon this approach as well.

What HIA capacity building work are you currently engaged in? What has worked and what hasn't?

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