8 February 2006

Welsh coal mining HIA urges precautionary approach

A HIA recently completed by the Welsh Health Impact Assessment Support Unit has urged planners to apply the precautionary principle in denying approval to a coal mine expansion. Whilst the assessors could not be certain about magnitude or severity of negative health impacts arising from the proposed expansion of an opencast coal mine in south west Wales they have urged planning authorities to reject the proposal:

"On balance, there is sufficient uncertainty regarding the negative health impacts to apply the 'precautionary principle approach' - which would not allow mining to proceed in such close proximity to residential areas."

Further details are available on the BBC News website.

Update 2 March 2006
I think that Carolyn Lester will be speaking about this HIA at the upcoming HIA conference in Wales. One more reason to attend.

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  1. I want to know about any book/guidelines which can be used for a complete HIA of Mining Proposals.
    B B Mandal