1 September 2005

Subscribing Using Feeds

What is a Blog Feed?

A blog feed is a data feed produced by a weblog or sites that use feeds (e.g. most newspaper sites). It is designated by a web address, or URL, and is usually in an Extensible Markup Language-variant format like Rich Site Summary (RSS) or Atom.

Why Bother Subscribing?

Subscribing to a feed allows you to receive all new posts without having to visit the site. In essence, it allows you to find out when the blogs you subscribe to are updated and automatically downloads their posts. If you regularly look at a few different sites this is the most time efficient way of staying up to date with their content.

How do I Subscribe?

The easiest way to subscribe to a feed is using a web-based news aggregator:These allow you to easily access a number of different feeds from a single page in your web browser. You simply enter the URL for one of the feeds below into the news reader and you're off and running!

HIA Connect Blog Feeds