22 April 2015

Social determinants of risk perception

Risk perceptions can be biased
Literature review
5 models
Mitigation measures are distorted

Integrated ESHIA often use a risk assessment that categorises impacts in terms of likelihood, severity and significance.
Expert group consensus or judgement is used to determine these aspects.
But is this biased by risk perception.

Can see risk perception as unstable and can move from being amplified to attenuated easy.

Climate change is not seen as a risk but fracking is though experts might say that this should be the other way round.

Information deficit: is IA focused on this when feelings is more important.

Psychometric model
Voluntary vs involuntary

Risk benefit calculation
Economic rationality

Affective vs Analytic thinking
Cognitive biases

Cultural world view
Status anxiety
"White male effects"

Implications are that there are 'merchants of doubt' and 'merchants of fear'.

Expert's risk perception can bias impact assessment.
Need to understand this.

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