22 April 2015

Health in EA: HIA in EA of oil drilling

Hermosa, Los Angeles

Community had full control of whether to allow drilling or not because there was an oil ban or no local drilling which was being voted on again.

HIA commissioned by local government.

Understand projects impacts in environment and heath.

Numerous public meetings and small workshops and engaged communities along the process and used variety of methods eg open house

Different consultancies
HIAs dependent on assessments in EIR and timing of getting information difficult.
HIAS needed to focus on impacts of project with required mitigation.

More communication the better.

Digital media are increasingly used by all stakeholders.

Being available for communicating through media.

Vote was 80% to keep the ban in place.

Interdisciplinary working and getting information in a timely way.

Integrate HIA team with EIR team early

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