21 April 2015

Health In EIA: Institutional approaches

What can we do to make health assessment better in EIA?

What institutional barriers, facilitators and recommendations can be made?

Health considerations within EIA in Kenya?

Research undertaken on EIA/SEA framework and how health operationalised in Kenya in EA practice.

EA frameworks include health but not broad enough and may dilute environmental impacts.

In Kenya 2.5 million people have been pushed into poverty because of policy implemented on paying for health care service use.

50 respondents (consultants, researchers, some others)

Majority agreed that health is not only about absence of disease.

But said yes it is about biophysical factors affecting health.

While there was disagreement about considering social determinants.

Wanted more guidance material specific to Kenya.

Felt health can only be

Recommendations made by respondents
Want health objectives
Want obligatory requirements
Need health to be integrated in EA and economic development 
Need enforcement
Need training for EA experts
Need community empowerment

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