21 April 2015

Impact grid for health assessment of hydroelectric

EIA they do not include health impact acts derived from environmental impacts.

Build and analyse the network of health impacts due to environmental aspects regarding hydroelectric construction.

Case study of Rondônia

A suggestive approach of the health impacts concerning a national hydroelectric on most common impacts related to environmental factors.

Positive impacts
Creation of permanent jobs 
Increase of income
Urban development 

Negative impacts
air pollution
sexually transmitted disease 

Impact Network example
Worker camp changed land use leading to loss of flora be fauna and mercury contamination from existing industrial and artisanal and forest burning and deforestation leading to loss of lora and fauna which in turn lead to changes in infectious parasitic diseases and contribution to climate change.

Also leading to other chronic diseases and increase in accidents caused by local workers being able to buy motorbikes and cars.

Increase in calorie sense foods.

Lack of quantitative data

Published studies on dams

Health costs and impacts neglected by developers/proponents.

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