1 April 2015

Opportunity: Recruitment for Health Impact Assessment Consultant

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If you have any questions, Dr Susann Roth is the contact (sroth@adb.org)

Scope of Work
The consultant will have three main tasks: 
1. Strengthen ADB’s HIA tools, applications, and project screening, 
2. Strengthen and support the policy dialogue on HIA in the Greater Mekong Sub-region (GMS), 
3. Work with infrastructure projects (ADB and private sector) to develop 
in collaboration with Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) malaria screening and treatment activities linked to workers and communities 
involved in infrastructure projects.

Detailed Tasks and/or Expected Output
The consultant will develop and implement an HIA tool for ADB’s infrastructure projects and for developing member countries to apply for non-ADB-financed infrastructure projects. The consultant’s tasks will include the following:
• Finalizing ADB working paper on HIA and developing HIA assessment tools for ADB;
• Working closely with Operational Departments specifically in the transport and energy sector groups.
• Developing screening method for projects which need HIA and developing database for ADB projects;
• Developing training material for ADB staff on HIA;
• Discussing possible projects which benefit from HIA with ADB team leaders and propose actions;
• Conducting desk review and stakeholder consultations, including with private sector, on existing HIA tools in GMS countries;
• Conducting in-country consultation workshops with stakeholders on HIA policies and implementations and need to strengthen those;
• Identifying collaboration partners in each country;
• Determining feasibility and develop an HIA tool for use by local governments and private companies to reduce transmission risks for 
communicable diseases;
• Working with local governments to apply the HIA tool in at least four ADB/and or private sector infrastructure projects in areas with 
high risks of malaria; 
• Sharing lessons from implementing the HIA tool with stakeholders;
• Collaborating closely with national malaria programs and Mahidol Oxford Research Unit on identifying geographic malaria hot spots;
• Collaborating with various regional stakeholders such as PSI, WHO, Myanmar Business Coalition on Aid; and
• Leading the preparation and conduct of GMS regional workshop on HIA with government, development partners and private sector.

• A finalized working paper on HIA at ADB
• Finalized guidelines for HIA for ADB projects
• Regular discussions with team leaders including commenting on ADB projects which need HIA
• Conduct of regional workshop on HIA with government, development partners, private sector (material, agenda etc.)
• Presentation material on HIA
• HIA assessment of 4 ADB projects
• Action Plan on HIA recommendation for 4 projects
• Identification of suitable CSOs to implement action plan (related to malaria prevention and treatment of workers)

Minimum Qualification Requirements
Educational Background
Degree in public health, medical science, medicine, occupational health or related fields. Additional training in health impact assessment is a must.

Professional Background
10 years of experience in public health and health impact assessment. Experience working in Southeast Asia (Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Viet Nam, Thailand). Experience working with private sector on hIA of infrastructure projects. Experience in policy dialogue with  Governments on HIA.

Minimum General Experience 15 Years
Minimum Specific Experience  (relevant to assignment) 10 Years
Regional/Country Experience Desired

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