21 April 2015

Health in EA: Cross-institution approaches to integrated assessment

This is about The Lothian Region in Scotland.

Not so much about EA and health more Health in Environmental and Equalities Impact Assessment 

Equalities Impact is about considering key groups interns of potential for discrimination.

A range of assessments are undertaken and it makes sense to integrate.

Each Local government has its own unique approach often.

Have been trying for a while to develop a shared approach it has not succeeded because different departments doing each IA, the lead person leaves, etc...

When Integrated Health and Social Care Boards came in a window of opportunity appeared to develop an integrated approach.

Differing perspectives and tensions about evidence, stakeholder involvement and council priorities.

Developed an evidence checklist and a structured discussion group using a checklist to prompt discussion on impacts.

The process of the IIA is as shown above. There are branches out to SEA or other assessments.

The group meeting involves:
"Structured brainstorm"
meeting to agree and share responsibility for findings and recommendations.
Shared learning

Example of IIA of a Staff Travel Plan:
Helped identify a broader range of impacts and issues than each individual assessment.

Barriers: attitudes
Facilitator: seeing it in practice
Recommendations: understand other people's must dos

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