26 August 2011

UNDP UNEP Mainstreaming Climate Change into Development Planning

Efforts to mainstream climate change adaptation into national development planning are still at a relatively early stage in many countries. Countries are increasingly requesting the United Nations Development Programme–United Nations Environment Programme Poverty-Environment Initiative (PEI) to tackle the mainstreaming of climate change adaptation into their national development planning, as part of broader poverty-environment mainstreaming efforts.

The approach recommended in this guide builds on the overall poverty-environment mainstreaming framework presented in the publication Mainstreaming Poverty-Environment Linkages into Development Planning: A Handbook for Practitioners.

The framework proposed in this guide consists of three components, each of which involves a set of activities or modules for which a range of tactics, methodologies and tools can be used.

1. Finding the entry points and making the case is concerned with setting the stage for mainstreaming. This entails understanding the linkages between climate change and national development priorities, as well as understanding the governmental, institutional and political contexts and needs, in order to define pro-poor adaptation outcomes on which to focus. From this vantage point, the mainstreaming team can identify entry points into development planning and make the case for mainstreaming climate change adaptation.

2. Mainstreaming adaptation into policy processes focuses on integrating adaptation issues into an ongoing policy process, such as a national development plan or sector strategy. Such efforts are based on country-specific evidence, including impact, vulnerability and adaptation assessments, socio-economic analysis, and demonstration projects

3. Meeting the implementation challenge aims to ensure mainstreaming of climate change adaptation into budgeting and financing, implementation and monitoring, and the establishment of mainstreaming as standard practice.

Stakeholder engagement occurs throughout, from inception through policy development, implementation and monitoring.

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Hat Tip Loreley Fortuny, IAIA Connect