14 April 2011

2nd Plenary - Official Opening - Jesus Fernandez, DHM, Basque Government & Enrique Cruz, DHM, Andalusian Government

Impressed with the range and quality of the workshops going on during the conference. Commend the HIA conference organisers and the Andalusian School.

Important time for public health in Europe and globally both in terms of the economic crisis and natural disasters e.g. in Japan.

Window of opportunity to develop new approaches and better lik health and sustainability and for health systems to think about health in all policies.

Make health systems more cohesive and reduce inequalities and improve all people's health, a democratic and healthy society.

Good health is good for investment, human capital, entrepreneur, social development and part of the democratic fabric. Developing a new approach that looks to involve citizens in developing policy. New public health legislation and the use of HIA in policy-making in Andalusia.