14 April 2011

1st Plenary Speaker - Adela Cortina "Yes, We Can"

This conference should be built on rock (echoing Obama campaign slogan and his speech at Georgetown).

Corporate Social Responsibility - seen as a cosmetic or philanthropy instead should be seen as a management tool, an element for prudence and an element for justice. Change the mindset of the core management of private enterprise.

Co-operation - Need to generate more friends than enemies, worst thing we can do is create more enemies and conflict e.g. engage with economists and business.

Dignity of people - Seeing people as ends and not means, as full of dignity and valuable in themselves. They have their own interests that need to be acknowledged. They are not commodities and should not be treated as such.

Commitment - To train public health professionals as citizens, what is the difference between professionals and technicians, who has ideals and is integrated into society - to prevent what we cannot cure and help promote peace. A global citizen professional.

Values - All human activities involve values and morals, about creating the good society, a safer and better world, even when it is denied they are there.

Adela Cortina is a professor at the Department of Moral and Political Law Philosophy at Valencia University and Etnor Foundation, Spain.