15 September 2012

Health Impact Project Grant Funding: Deadline Extension!

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From Aaron Wernham,

We hope everyone’s back from Labor Day refreshed.  The first big news is that we are extending the deadline for the open call for proposals.

HIA Program Grants: Brief proposal due Friday, September 28

Demonstration Projects: Full proposal due Friday, October 12

We hope the extra two weeks will allow applicants that have been traveling over the summer an opportunity to submit high quality HIA proposals. We look forward to reading them.

If you’re planning to apply, but haven’t yet, we strongly encourage you to start your application. Creating an account in the online system will give you access to details, instructions, and other information that you will need. 

Please also check out all the resources on our funding opportunities page, including frequently asked questions, and recordings of the webinars.

[Sal's Editor's Note: If you are in the US and you are thinking of doing a HIA then you really must apply. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.Someone has to get that money; it might as well be you.]

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