14 September 2012

Guide for Stakeholder Participation in HIA

From Tim Choi:


"This guide is a collective product of the Stakeholder Participation Working Group, which emerged from the March 2010 HIA in the Americas Workshop. The Guide primarily targets HIA practitioners who are working to improve stakeholder participation and leadership in the practice of HIA. 

It may also appeal to community groups and stakeholders who want to more effectively participate in, lead, or influence an HIA. 

The guide distills stakeholder participation techniques, case studies, and guiding principles from various fields of expertise, including HIA, environmental and social impact assessment, land use and transportation planning, community-based participatory research, and public health. 
This is a living document that will be updated as new information becomes available. 

The Guide is available online at the Society of Practitioners of HIA (SOPHIA) website: 

Any questions, suggestions or comments can be directed to: 
Kim Gilhuly, Human Impact Partners, kim@humanimpact.org, (510) 684-1275." 

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