1 June 2012

Social Media and Public Participation in IA - Presentation 4

WIKI WEB GIS for SEA on Google Maps in Action

Go to Qcumber website to see how it works

Getting people involved in making planning applications...

Local municipalities are calling us to be involved and want to promote it to their communities.


Main topics currently going on:

  • EIA, SEA, sustainable development, health, energy...

When people post then an alert will be sent to all registered users in the area, people raise awareness of the problem and also feedback that the problem has been resolved.

Welcome feedback on how to take the project forward.


  • Institutions get a free service, can load GIS data...
  • Consultants get a huge environmental database, help model impacts, web GIS, support EIA/SEA
  • People don't trust public institutions data but trust our database, Qcumber, makes people proactive, helps communicate on environmental issues and to create new communities around an issue or idea.


Have you accessed and uploaded EuroStat data.

Ensuring accurate information is critical in this project, need to quality assure the data.

  • Have a team and software involved in quality assuring
  • Users use nicknames but giving their correct address